Waxing Brazilian … a new edition

Ponder the enigma of a writer who can’t read the words he’s strung together. No, I’m not having a stroke. I simply cannot speak, read, or write Portuguese. And that’s the language of the newest translation of my 2016 book MORGUE A LIFE IN DEATH, with famed medical examiner Dr. Vincent Di Maio. O SEGREDO…Read More…

The day the sun didn’t set for a father and a son

June 21, 2007 Somewhere in the Arctic on a day when the sun never sets While Matt sleeps, I watch the subtly changing sky as the sun circles around to the north.  The clouds are breaking up and patches of blue are oozing through.  The day is warming.  I smell spruce, woodsmoke and musky earth. …Read More…

A few of my recent Facebook posts

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