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Selected coverage on Ron’s books

Publishers Weekly features SHADOWMAN in 2021 true-crime overview, ‘What Makes Them Tick?’ A historic moment in forensic history … and a forever-tragic moment for one family that still echoes today 

New York Times names THE DARKEST NIGHT among best in USA: The Times’s list of the best true crime state-by-state names Ron’s intimate account of a small-town tragedy

Psychology Today delves into ALICE & GERALD minds: “It’s almost Shakespearean, and Franscell’s narrative style makes even the most grisly parts highly readable.

DELIVERED FROM EVIL listed at No. 2. Ron’s exploration of 10 mass-killing survivors’ among 11 must-reads at EzVid.

MORGUE: Ron Franscell and Dr. Vincent Di Maio are finalists for the prestigious Edgar award in true crime (1/25/2017)

‘O SEGREDO dos CORPOS”—the Brazilian translation of ‘MORGUE: A LIFE IN DEATH’— was the #1 BESTSELLER IN CRIME FOR 36 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS in Brazil’s biggest newspaper, Folha de Sao Paulo

KTSA-San Antonio with talk show host Jack Riccardi: Ron talks about the enduring fascination with America’s coldest case, the Black Dahlia murder (1/15/2016)

Huffington Post on SOURTOE COCKTAIL CLUB: HuffPo writer David Moye dives deep into The Toe 11/4/2011

Toronto Star reviews SOURTOE: Journalist and fellow Club member Mark Richardson reflects on an odyssey 12/31/2011

Canadian Broadcasting Corp.: Airplay’s Tara McCarthy interviews Ron about SOURTOE 12/28/2011

Billings Gazette travels with SOURTOE: Gazette book editor Craig Lancaster’s eloquent review of SOURTOE 10/30/2011

Poetry of the Road: Nationally syndicated talk radio host Derrick Blair talks with Ron about SOURTOE 11/12/2011

Q&A SAN ANTONIO: Express-News’ books editor Steve Bennett asks a few questions about DELIVERED FROM EVIL 1/30/2011

A few fascinating articles by Ron

PECKERWOOD HILL: The prison cemetery at Huntsville is an artifact of the death penalty in America. By Ron Franscell

BIG BOPPER EXHUMATION: Ron observes the exhumation and autopsy on the remains of 1950s pop star J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson, who died with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in a 1959 plane crash in Iowa, by Ron Franscell

BURNING MAN: In a place where truth is elusive, modern mythology is created every summer on Nevada’s Black Rock Desert

COMEBACK KID: A moment that proved newspapers matter, by Ron Franscell (Poynter Institute)

LOST SONGS OF THE BIG BOPPER: ’50s pop star’s son and the father he never knew, by Ron Franscell

RAINBOW’S END?: A man who’s stood on one corner for the past 15 years, desperately seeking a face from his past, by Ron Franscell