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10 Los Angeles Crime Facts You Didn’t Know

The darker side of a city built on dreams and illusions is sometimes obscured, sometimes elevated to mythic proportions. In a place where the words Manson, Night Stalker, and Black Dahlia are well known, the supporting cast of a thousand other foul-play tales can be found in the shadows of the neon-pastel Los Angeles landscape.…Read More…

What if Huck Finn had helicopter parents?

Summer is over and you know what that means, right? No, not the start of school! It’s time for helicopter parents to lift off. Thanks to technology, these moms and dads can track their kids everywhere via numerous apps on their smartphones. They’re already hovering over the school bus, on the monkey bars, the college…Read More…

5 Book Terms That Can Make You Sound Brilliant (or Stupid)

I’ve been astonished at the number of people who have expressed some trepidation about communicating with an author out of fear they’ll misuse a word (or never send fan letters as a way to avoid misspellings). Really, folks, we don’t judge you by your spelling and grammar—unless you’re pointing out a typo in our latest…Read More…

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A few of my recent Facebook posts

I first saw this image on the long, dark flight home from my reporting assignment in the Middle East during the first months of the War on Terror. It inspired two disparate things: A foreboding that we were all falling now, and a painful childhood memory that would become my book, "The Darkest Night"—a much more intimate event where everything changed overnight.

I hate that I feel this way, but the terrorists won. They changed our way of life and divided us. Should another 9/11 happen today, I genuinely think our response would reflect our disunity.

Today on Facebook, we’ll see a lot of posts about "where I was on 9/11." I’d rather see posts about where we are now, and how we can change it. See MoreSee Less

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