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5 Yuletide Crimes: Death doesn’t take a holiday

The song says it’s the most wonderful time of the year—but it has historically been a lot less wonderful for some. Crime doesn’t take a holiday. In fact, evil celebrates those the days between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day, too. You already know that burglars, muggers, identity thieves, and carjackers run rampant during the holidays,…

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In defense of Ebenezer Scrooge

I originally wrote this essay as a newspaper column in 1995. It appears here today with a few minor but festive updates because, well, Scrooge is timeless. No businessman in the history of literature has been as misunderstood as Ebenezer Scrooge. His very name is now a synonym for pinch-fisted churlishness and humbuggery. Why? Certainly…

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We’ll always have mass murder

This essay was originally written just two days after the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre in 2012. This weekend’s tragic shooting in Colorado Springs CO and yesterday’s workplace violence in Chesapeake VA make me want to re-run it, as I have several times when such senseless events happen. It appears anew here now, with only minor…

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Four months ago, I submitted a Freedom of Information request to the CIA regarding some recently declassified documents about a murder victim I'm researching (a murder victim who was buried in New Mexico in 1970 but isn't where the mortuary said he was planted). In a sealed envelope inside another sealed envelope, the CIA informed me a few months ago that it was dutifully researching the files I sought.This past weekend, I received another large CIA envelope, sealed with heavy-duty packing tape. Inside were exactly three pages. One was a copy of somebody else's 2002 FOI request for information about my murder victim ... and the other two were completely blank except for one line that roughly translates to, "We got nuthin'." I love my job. ... See MoreSee Less
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