Southern Fried Crime

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Boxed set of Notorious Texas, Louisiana & Mississippi!

Evil lurks from the scorched earth of West Texas to the suffocating bayous of Mississippi … where darkness is deadly and screams go unheard. “Southern Fried Crime” comprises harrowing crime tales from Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, all from the files of the New York Times-bestselling Notorious USA series. Meet homicidal lovers, murderous moms, enchanting black widows, hidden serial killers, and insane mass murderers as four of America’s most beloved crime writers—Ron Franscell, Gregg Olsen, Rebecca Morris, and Stephanie Cook—lead you on a bizarre jaunt across the sweltering crimescape of the deadly South.

Praise for the authors of SOUTHERN FRIED CRIME

“Few authors understand what makes a true crime book stand out like a beacon from the mass of prosaically gruesome re-telling of police reports. Ron Franscell does! … Ron Franscell takes you there … completely.” — ANN RULE, #1 New York Times bestselling author of “Stranger Beside Me” and “Green River Running Red”

“A fascinating turn-of-the-century story of medical malpractice and murder. If you liked ‘The Alienist,’ you’ll find ‘Starvation Heights’ all the more gripping because this story is true.” — –MICHAEL CONNELLY on Gregg Olsen’s bestselling “Starvation Heights”

“Compelling … haunting.” —SALT LAKE TRIBUNE on Rebecca Morris’ “If I Can’t Have You”

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