The Obituary

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When a world-renowned forensic anthropologist journeys to Winchester, Wyoming, to examine the long-dead remains of a woman who claimed to be Etta Place — the Old West’s most mysterious and legendary female outlaw — he’s not expecting to find a man’s headless corpse in her crypt. The grisly discovery plunges him and Jefferson Morgan, the editor of the weekly Winchester Bullet, into a shadowy world of satellite-savvy highway pirates, rural meth labs, computer hackers and old-fashioned corruption. And they might not survive the fall.

This is the sequel to Ron’s award-winning mystery THE DEADLINE.


“Ron Franscell’s THE OBITUARY is gorgeously written, complex and satisfying — a damn near perfect mystery.” JOHN LESCROART, New York Times best-selling author of TREASURE HUNT and THE FIRST LAW

“A great job with a fresh, original idea. THE OBITUARY weaves elements of the best forensics writers at work today, as well as the best detective writers — a great mix. ” — MICHAEL PALMER New York Times’ best-selling author of THE LAST SURGEON and FATAL

“Franscell takes us on a journey like a leaf in a stream — flowing from scene to scene, always something new around every corner, picking up speed as it heads to its inevitable conclusion. His skills as one of the country’s top narrative non-fiction writers and journalists makes his fiction realistic and edgy, while his flair for suspense and drama keeps us turning the pages, then wanting more when finished.”  — STEVE JACKSON, bestselling author of MONSTER and NOT LOST FOREVER

Published by WildBlue Press

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