Vincent van Gogh: Suicide or homicide?

Among the historic, infamous, and heartbreaking deaths we explore in the brand-new book MORGUE: A LIFE IN DEATH (St. Martin’s Press) is the presumed suicide of the troubled genius Vincent van Gogh. Presumed.

vincent_van_goghWhen van Gogh’s latest biographers, Pulitzer-winning authors Steven Naifeh and the late Gregory White Smith, were perplexed by the evidence, they eventually turned to gunshot wound expert Dr. Vincent Di Maio—co-author of MORGUE—for a professional forensic opinion. His conclusion? The artist’s death wasn’t what it appeared.

To say the least, the art world isn’t comfortable.

Now German crime-historian and author Ann Marie Ackermann has explored the thorny issue in a new Q&A with me. Please click here to see Ann Marie’s excellent piece.