10 Songs for Every Writer’s Playlist

A lot of writers like background music while they tap out their stories. A lot don’t.

So, for those writers who prefer silence, please skip to my blog about the “15 Best Places for Writers to Retire.” And fergawdsakes, don’t listen to the rest of this little ditty.

But for those scribblers who prefer a soundtrack for their creativity, Spotify has compiled a playlist of 50 songs for ink-stained wretches. OK, songs like “Death of an Author” (Jenny Hval) and “Sylvia Plath” (Ryan Adams) might not be the best choices for joyfully hammering out a first draft but, hey, they’ve got a nice beat and you can dance to them.

My Top Ten Songs for Writers, in “shuffle” order:

Author Ron Franscell remains convinced that “Hotel California” is really about the difficulties of looking for a literary agent. Or maybe “American Pie.” One of those.