FEBRUARY 14, 2023!

Retired to a small Colorado mountain town, ex-Denver homicide detective Woodrow “Mountain” Bell yearns only to fade away. He’s failed in so many ways—as a father, a husband, friend, and cop—he fears he’s missed his chance for at a meaningful life. But when he stumbles across a long-forgotten, unsolved child murder, his first impulse is to let it lie … but he can’t. He’s drawn into the macabre mystery when he realizes the killer might still be near. Without help from ambivalent local cops, Bell must overcome the obstacles of time, age, a lack of police resources, and his own personal flaws by calling upon the unique skills of the end-of-the-road codgers he meets for coffee every morning—a club of old guys who call themselves Deaf Row. Soon, this mottled crew finds itself on a collision course with a serial butcher.

DEAF ROW is more than a tense mystery novel, more than an unnerving psychological thriller drawn from Ron Franscell’s career as a bestselling true-crime writer and journalist. It is also a novel of men pushing back against time and death, trying not to disappear entirely. DEAF ROW is a moving, occasionally humorous, portrait of ordinary men with more past than future. And although you might think you know where this ghastly case is headed, the climax will blindside you!

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Advance Praise for DEAF ROW

★★★★★ “Ron Franscell’s ‘Deaf Row’ tells a darkly engrossing story with masterful, easy-flowing prose and a clever infusion of humor. The tension builds incrementally to a chilling five-star climax in which Franscell puts his well-honed skill as a true crime author to good use. It gave me goosebumps big time.”  —ANNE HILLERMAN, bestselling author of the Leaphorn, Chee, Manuelito mysteries 

“DEAF ROW is a self-aware, clever police procedural with a riveting climax, but what truly sets this mystery apart is its wonderfully realized characters. Franscell explores struggles with aging, death and friendship with poignant prose, humor and affection and has given us yet another gem of a book that’s impossible to put down. I fell in love with these guys in DEAF ROW!”   —CHRISTINE CARBO, bestselling author of A SHARP SOLITUDE

“A lot of people write about crime, but Ron Franscell is a real writer. He stands nearly alone in his ability to render a narrative with an undisputed gift for storytelling.”  —GREGG OLSEN, #1 New York Times bestselling author of IF YOU TELL 

I’m a big fan of Ron Franscell’s works and I consider them ‘can’t-miss’ crime books.”   —CJ BOX, #1 New York Times bestselling author of LONG RANGE and THE HIGHWAY

“It is well established that Ron Franscell is one of the stars of the true-crime genre in today’s publishing world.  I’ve followed his career for many years, and have reached the conclusion that he could rewrite the telephone book (to the extent that it exists any more) and make it compelling.  Ron is a wordsmith, plain and simple, and his second foray into crime fiction should be warmly welcomed by his legions of fans.”  —JOHN LESCROART, author of 19 NYTimes bestsellers, including THE 13th JUROR and THE MISSING PIECE


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