Book clubs: 10 Questions about ‘Deaf Row’

Does your book club feature a lot of awkward silences? Is the deepest question, “Did you like it?” Tired of meetings that are more about the furniture than the book?

Good questions help inspire your members, prompt ideas that might not have already been on their minds before the meeting, and make for a more meaningful discussion.One of the best ways to ensure a successful book club meeting is to come prepared with good discussion questions. It doesn’t have to be hard!

If DEAF ROW is one of your book club’s future picks, we can help you prime the pump for a great discussion. WildBlue Press has prepared 10 provocative discussion questions so your and your members can dive deeply into this new mystery right from the start. And our questions will likely spark a lot of your own!

Just email us at [email protected] and ask for the DEAF ROW discussion guide.